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Publishing Work

Since our founding in 1977, IMP has strived to be the preferred and reliable distribution partner for specialty publishers. With a wealth of experience spanning four decades, we specialize in helping publishers position their products effectively and efficiently in the marketplace. With IMP, you benefit not only from fair distribution conditions, but also from transparent and comprehensive customer invoicing, which simplifies the entire distribution process for you.

Our philosophy is based on building and maintaining long-term B2B partnerships. We understand the uniqueness of each publisher and offer customized distribution solutions, whether for specific countries, regions or for your entire international business.

Trust, integrity and commitment are the cornerstones of how we work at IMP. We invite you to rely on us as your distribution partner, always striving to exceed your distribution goals.

Paint & Coatings


Petfood Industry

American Chemical



Vivid City

Full Service

IMP is more than a booking agency. As your full-service partner, we support you at every step of the distribution process and help you achieve your goals.

Worldwide Distribution

Whether regional or global, IMP is the right partner for you. We support you in specific regions or in your entire international business with flexibility and know-how.


At IMP, we understand the dynamic nature of publishing and are prepared to handle all media formats, whether digital or analog.


For more than 40 years, IMP has been a reliable distribution partner for the publishing industry. We ensure that your products are marketed in the best possible way.

Sales and Billing

With IMP, a reliable partner takes care of all your invoicing in the currency of your choice, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Long-term Partnership

We are more than a distribution partner - we are your companion and supporter on your path to international success.

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