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Content Creation

Long turnaround times for outsourced white paper production can slow your marketing down considerably. Delays are not only annoying, but they also affect your company's efficiency. It becomes difficult to respond quickly to changing market conditions or customer demands when content creation takes too long. As a result, market opportunities may go untapped.

Turnaround Times vs. Market Behavior

Your company undoubtedly has the expertise to create high-quality content such as white papers or eBooks.

But the reality is this: Despite this expertise, you often lack the time to produce this high-quality content. This can mean valuable expertise goes unused and you're not reaching your audiences in the best way.

Expert Knowledge vs. Lack of Time

In an increasingly digital world, at IMP we focus on innovative solutions to position your business for success in online marketing. Even when time and resources are scarce, we support you with customized content and advanced technologies to drive your business forward. We break the bottleneck caused by scarce resources.


Our expertise ranges from developing precise lead generation content, such as white papers and eBooks, to designing and implementing webinars, including landing pages. We place your content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok in a targeted and engaging way. At the same time, we increase your online visibility with effectively designed Google Ads. Our professional photographers and videographers showcase your company visually and create stunning visual formats that reinforce your brand image.

Break the bottleneck

Our AI-powered solutions are designed to take the pressure off your team, especially when it comes to creating content like white papers, eBooks, or webinars. AI takes care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team.


This freed-up capacity can be directed to critical areas such as research and development to strengthen your company's innovation. At the same time, the human factor remains indispensable: our experts use AI to complement, not replace, your employees' expertise.


By using our AI-powered services, you not only increase the efficiency of content creation, but also free up resources that can be invested in the further development of your business. Find out how the synergy of AI and human expertise can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Efficiency through AI: Freedom to Innovate

Unsere KI-gestützten Lösungen sind darauf ausgerichtet, Ihr Team zu entlasten, insbesondere wenn es um die Erstellung von Inhalten wie White Paper, eBooks oder Webinare geht. KI übernimmt repetitive und zeitaufwändige Aufgaben, sodass Ihr Team wertvolle Freiräume gewinnt.

Diese gewonnene Kapazität kann gezielt für wichtige Bereiche wie Forschung und Entwicklung genutzt werden, um die Innovationskraft Ihres Unternehmens zu stärken. Dabei bleibt der menschliche Faktor unverzichtbar: Unsere Experten setzen KI gezielt ein, um das Fachwissen Ihrer Mitarbeitenden zu ergänzen, nicht zu ersetzen.

Durch die Nutzung unserer KI-gestützten Services steigern Sie nicht nur die Effizienz in der Content-Erstellung, sondern schaffen auch Raum für Ressourcen, die in die Weiterentwicklung Ihres Unternehmens investiert werden können. Erfahren Sie, wie die Synergie aus KI und menschlicher Expertise neue Möglichkeiten für Wachstum und Innovation eröffnet.

Using AI to Boost Efficiency: Freedom to Innovate

A white paper is a high-quality, scholarly document that explores a topic in depth. It provides detailed information and solutions. White papers are ideal for lead generation because they attract qualified prospects and demonstrate expertise.

White Papers

eBooks provide comprehensive information on specific topics, such as product portfolios to support purchasing decisions. They can be updated and segmented for long-term use, making them valuable resources for your company and your target audience.


Webinars are an effective communication tool for sharing knowledge, engaging your audience, and generating qualified leads. Our webinars utilize digital avatars for a versatile presentation in multiple languages. We also offer productinars for short technology introductions.


Google Ads are a way to increase your company's digital visibility. With strategically planned ad campaigns on the world's largest search engine, you can ensure that your brand and products appear prominently for relevant search queries.

Google Ads

Professional content is becoming increasingly important on social media. We create native content that positions your company as an industry expert, focusing on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Our services include content creation, account management and targeted advertising campaigns.

Social Media

Photos and videos play an important role in a successful online presence. Video, in particular, is favored by algorithms because it generates longer user interactions. We create visual content that delivers your message in a compelling way and strengthens your online presence.

Photo and Video Material

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