Tech Briefs Media Group and SAE International offer a diverse set of print and electronic media resources that delivers unparalleled coverage of the design engineering market.

The #1 Resource for Engineers Across Multiple Disciplines in the Automotive Industry!

  • Reach over 65,000 BPA-audited subscribers in North America and Internationally

  • Published 10 times Annually, Automotive Engineering engages decision makers who buy and specify your product

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Largest-Circulation Engineering Magazine Delivering Cutting-Edge Content Spanning the Commercial and Military Aerospace Markets.

In 2014 Defense Tech Briefs and Aerospace Engineering came together to create Aerospace & Defense Technology, mailed as a polybagged supplement to Tech Briefs. Engineers and marketers quickly embraced the new publication — making it #1!

Targeted 100% to over 70,000 decision-makers who design/develop products for aerospace and defense applications.

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One of the Most Advanced Automobile Producing Countries in the World.

Auto Journal Korea is strategic to the development of Korean automotive standards, regulations, patent trends, and more.  Each monthly issue features a special edition on a hot topic, in addition to worldwide vehicle technology trends and technology & industry news.  

Now Is Your Chance to Reach the World's Largest Auto Market.

  • Over 26,500 print (94% China)

  • Published ten times per year

  • Covers OEMs and suppliers worldwide with a focus on R&D, manufacturing and testing

  • Reports advanced technologies and new product developments across the entire vehicle and its components with an emphasis on electronics, powertrain and alternative fuels

NEW magazine from the organization driving industry standards for autonomous vehicles - SAE International

AVE is targeted to over 25,000 OEMs and suppliers who are involved in automated vehicle technology and who are designing the next generation of cars and trucks. The publication is also distributed at major industry events throughout the year, and as a special bonus, is sent with the digital edition of SAE’s Truck & Off-Highway Engineering magazine.

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The #1 Publication for OEM Design Engineers and Managers in the Medical Market

  • With more than 40,000 BPA-audited subscribers and our pass-along rate, Medical Design Briefs reaches 90,000 OEM engineers and managers.

  • Medical Design Briefs penetrates the top companies and labs, including: 3M, Abbott, Amgen, Eli, Lily, General Electrol, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Merck/Schering Plough, Pfizer/Wyeth, Proctor & Gamble, and many more!

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Reach One of the Largest Global Automotive Industries

  • The quarterly edition reaches 10,000 subscribers throughout India.  

  • Each issue covers key technical advancements, including alternative fuel, safety, and electrification, as well as features on automotive, aerospace, and off-highway.

100% of Motion Design readers have PURCHASING POWER. 

New! Motion Design is published 6x annually as a stand-alone supplement to Tech Briefs magazine. Each issue focuses on four key topics:

  • Motion Control

  • Automation & Control

  • Fluid Power

  • Power Transmission

Target 50,000 engineers and managers who specify motion control/positioning equipment, motors & drives, and power transmission products.

0% reader overlap with Design World means your message will reach new qualified buyers!

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The #1 Publication for OEM Design Engineers and Managers

Engineers turn to Tech Briefs  FIRST for new design ideas and solutions to their toughest manufacturing challenges.  Each issue spans innovations in electronics, software, robotics, and much more.

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A Leader in Delivering Informative, Relevant Technical Information 

Truck & Off-Highway Engineering, SAE’s industry leading magazine for the commercial vehicle market, has a revised title for 2017 to reflect its newly added focus on commercial trucks and other on-highway engineering topics.

This additional focus will supplement its long-established coverage of:

  • Key Off-Highway Sectors & Technologies

  • Commercial Trucks & Buses

  • Defense, Specialty Vehicles & More


Published 6 times annually, Truck & Off-Highway Engineering will reach 20,000 BPA-audited subscribers. 

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Targeted 100% to Qualified BUYERS of Optics and Imaging Products  

Published 6x annually, Photonics & Imaging Technology (P&IT) marries the best of Photonics Tech Briefs and Imaging Technology in a stand-alone supplement, poly-bagged with Tech Briefs. P&IT features exclusive reports of innovations in optics, fiber optics, electro-optics, cameras and imaging systems, and optical design and analysis software.

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Reach More Than 75,000 OEM Design Engineers and Managers  

Advertise in Sensor Technology and reach subscribers who specify sensors, transducers, detectors, and data acquisition equipment. With the global market forecasted to reach nearly $154.4 billion by the year 2020, position your brand as a leader in this growing market.

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