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Media Sales

IMP InterMediaPartners is a professional sales agent for all media products Print and Online since 1977. We cover all german-speaking countries and Europe.


Our services includes:


  • Personal customer care

  • Telemarketing

  • Information mailings

  • Mediakit handling

  • Delcredere

  • Visits to trade shows home and abroad

  • Media surveys

  • Handling the print data



Media Agency

As a media agency we specialized ourselves to industrial clients. Currently we are handling the campaigns for Evonik, Clariant, Rockwood, ABCR, Umicore, Archroma and Weylchem globally.


We are looking forward to work with you.


What we offer:


  • Media Planning

  • Media Consulting

  • Media Buying

  • Media Handling

  • Controlling

  • Research


It also includes airport advertising, outdoor advertising (18/1, taxi advertising, city marketing, guerrilla marketing, Out of Home) and sponsorships. If you are interested, please give us a call.




Uwe Riemeyer

Phone: +49 (0) 202 271690





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Media Rheinland

Make your company visible! Present your company - on impressive media systems - in top locations - in your region.

Highly frequented premium locations with strong purchasing power - these are the "on-site locations" where we place our impressive Media Towers for you.

At selected and popular indoor venues - which are primarily garden centers, multiplex cinema centers, hospitals and shopping centers - you can reach a high-potential target group with your company presentation.

"Size, color, light and movement" - these are the factors for impressive advertising campaigns that perfectly combine our Media Towers!

Impressively designed company graphics in jumbo format (DIN A0) also achieve high attention values.

Media Rheinland is a company of

IMP InterMediaPartners GmbH


Your company presentation in highly frequented locations with a strong purchasing power:

  • Win new customers

  • Address regular customers

  • Increase awareness


  • Bergisch Gladbach

  • Cologne

  • Leverkusen

  • Solingen

  • Mettmann County

  • Dusseldorf

  • Rhein-Kreis

  • Neuss



About IMP

IMP Inter Media Partners GmbH was founded in 1977 in Wuppertal to be one of the leading media sales agencies.

We are constantly working to expand our B2B / C portfolio to meet the economic developments and challenges. Furthermore, we offer since more than 10 years the services of a media agency, since we can fully use our expertise in advertising sales.

More than 40 years of experience are waiting for you.


Our location in Wuppertal, Beyeroehde:

The brick building was built in 1898 and was originally home of the weaving company founded by Bernhard Mardey (1852-1916).

From 2012-2014 a substantial refurbishment of the building took place and we were able to move into our new offices in 2014.


Management: Uwe Riemeyer & Sven Anacker
Sales: Sabine Schött, Lorena Simunovic
Back Office: Sandra Twardzik & Tanja Palomba
Adress: Beyeröhde 14, D-42389 Wuppertal
Phone: +49 (0)202271690, EMail: mail(at)intermediapartners.de
Uwe Riemeyer
Sven Anacker
Sabine Schött
Sandra Twardzik
Tanja Palomba
Lorena Simunovic
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